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Video Production for Business

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- create 'your company'
- bring still pictures to life
- communicate effectively using the power of the moving image

Communicate your product, service and capabilities
effectively communicate your product, services, people and capabilities with your own cost effective advert/video clip on your web site and deliver to mobile devices.

Address your overseas offices via your intranet/the internet
Send a regular video address via your intranet or a web page, so the staff in your 'far flung' offices can keep abreast of developments via your broadcasts. Mix in other images to give a more dynamic appeal.

Show highlights from your AGM
Let shareholders and investors who could not attend the AGM/briefings see the proceedings. This can be delivered via your web site as archive footage and/or live webcast

Broadcast the Financial Director's statement, the Chairman's address
Let your audience get a feel for the people behind your business. Take your key people out to the market and let them be seen delivering their message, let them be heard. Businesses are the people behind the business.

Award ceremonies, conferences, seminars, live events
Award ceremonies, client events, road shows, organised events, promotional tours - Keep a record or place on your web site/ intranet for all to see.
If you hold seminars for client education you may record them to place on your web site for those who could not attend. Truly deliver your message to your audience. If you want to restrict viewing of the video to attendees only, then it can be password guarded.
Do you organise live events and want to keep a record??

Show your portfolio/experience on the reception monitor
Do visitors wait in your reception? They are a captive audience so keep them entertained via the reception monitor with a light informative entertaining video about your company or an information broadcast.

Do you want to attract the best new graduates? Do you want to portray to new recruits that you are a progressive dynamic business, Do you want to convey that you are a market/industry leader?? Let new recruits actually see, hear and get a real feel for your company with a short video clip on your website.

The use of cost effective video is endless and persuasive. We welcome the
opportunity to discuss new ideas, without obligation.

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