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Weddings and Family Functions and other Personal Events
through our sister company - Bridal Video Services Ltd

If you are planning your wedding and would like it captured on video - professionally - then please contact us for our proposals. Our style is a classic wedding documentary which documents your day, but with a contemporary feel. It is neither avant garde nor Picasso, rather TV quality, factual and with your personal touch.

Whilst we have a basic package, for those on a limited budget, most of our work is to tailor a wedding video to your exact requirements. We do not provide the average, rather we will sit with you to understand your planned day, how it will unfold and then tailor something to what you want and budget. It is after all your most important day and we want you, your family and friends to remember it, above all your children to see in future years what mummy and daddy were like on their wedding day !.
We film in a way to create a unique feel - Give us an opportunity and we will show you what we mean.

As with everything, it is the planning and preparation that matters and we try to cover as much as possible in advance, to identify potential issues and resolve them before it is too late. A wedding is a very fast moving live event with only one chance to capture it !! Even with 2 cameramen on the day, a short break is a luxury !. We have the experience of both corporate live events and numerous weddings to give us the confidence to be able to produce your wedding documentary.

Most couples realise that to secure the team they want, ideally means booking at least 12 months in advance.

  • We use between 3 and 5 different professional quality video and DSLR cameras to provide different angles and the ability in editing to change the view to capture viewers attention.
  • 2 or more (depends on your budget) cameramen to capture events as they unfold.
  • We work across the UK.
  • We try to be as discrete as possible to capture people and events without them knowing. Some couples have requested not to see a camera during the service.
  • Capturing as many guests as possible at the event, especially family and elder loved ones who may not be around in years to come.
  • Filming the bride's final preparations and on route to the service.
  • We film in HD to create a warmer feel.
  • We supply a draft film for you to view and make amendments, the duration of which is approximately 90 minutes, divided into chapters, within a menu..
  • We supply 5 to 7 DVD's
  • You can choose your own music which we will include within the film.
  • We have a jib, a drone helicopter, tracking and steadycams to capture movement and add a special feel to the video.
  • A radio lapel microphone is placed on the groom to capture vows and on the top table for speeches.
  • We can give you all rushes (footage shot) on a hard drive if you require it.
  • We do not keep copyright of the material - you paid for it so you own it !!

It is your wedding, what would you like? tell us and we will do it.

We have a number of past weddings online but requiring a password to view. Please contact us if you would like to see these

We shot this wedding from the bride's arrival at the church (St Martin in the Field, Trafalgar Square) through to the beginning of the wedding reception for the benefit of relatives who could not be present.
It was essential that during the service we were discrete and not seen, so we positioned 2 cameras (an EX1 and Cannon 650D DSLR) at the back of the church (one a remote and on auto) and 2 others a Sony EX1 and a Cannon 5D upstairs in a room over looking the alter and congregation.
Audio was supplied to us by 2 audio engineers Steve and Jim of Canbury Sound who had spent the morning rigging the church with hidden microphones. This short summary is a collection of sections from the day - we did not film the speeches or dancing, this was not required.
All music is from the Pegasus Choir who gave a truely splendid moving performance.

This is a short showreel of our approach, covering a few of the weddings we have covered, shot in widescreen, standard definition, although we now only film in HD.

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Bridal Video ServicesLtd.
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